Companies and corporate structures

Do you need help establishing a company in the Czech Republic or abroad? We can take over all of the formalities and bureaucracy. We can also help you set the relationships within a group of companies or transform the company. For example, transforming a private limited company to a joint-stock company is not exactly a short-term and easy matter. However, with our experience, you can easily avoid unexpected complications.

When we say companies and corporate structures by MONEUS…

Establishing a company in the Czech Republic. From the first meeting with the notary up until the entry into the company register. We will establish a turnkey company for you.

Establishing a company abroad. Europe, Asia or USA. We will help you establish your company with the help of our co-workers wherever you need it or where it will be the most advantageous for you.

Relationships within a group of companies. We will help you set your relationships within a group of companies so that your tax load is at an optimal level.

Transforming a company. We will prepare a complex project and direct the entire transformation based on it.

How does the cooperation work

We have to get to know each other

We cannot help you without understanding your business.

We will prepare a tailor-made proposal

Based on the initial meeting, we will prepare a proposal for where and how to establish or transform your company.

Everything will be a turnkey project

After your approval of the proposal, we will get into work

Pracovní plocha

When I started my business, I was looking for an accountant. When making my pick, I had a hot hand and chose MONEUS.

Stanislav Vlček, artisan

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