How can we help your business?

Tax services


We will tame your taxes. Whether you need help with control statement and regular VAT payments; partial tasks like income, road or other taxes, or you would like comprehensive help from us and for us to optimize your tax load. Put us in charge of your taxes and you will always have a guarantee that you are not paying a penny more than you need to.

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Vedení učetnictví

Complex accounting and bookkeeping


You cannot do without careful bookkeeping. We will help you whether you are dealing with classic accounting or tax evidence. We will naturally represent you in communication with all revenue services and we will also be happy to deal with your salaries and human resources management. You simply need to provide us with the materials and we will take care of everything for you.

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Companies and corporate structures


Are you looking to establish a company in the Czech Republic or abroad and are looking for someone who is experienced in this? Do you need advice on the issue of relationships within a group of companies or to transform your trading company, for example from a private limited company to a joint-stock company? We can help you in any case.