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If there is something that we make a point about when determining the reward for our services, it is transparency and a fair approach. We understand that each business is different and needs to be approached individually.

That’s why with us, you only pay for work that we have actually performed.

Prices for bookkeeping

You will pay for the bookkeeping based on how large your business is. It depends on the number of processed documents, whether or not you are a VAT payer, or how many employees you have. There are a number of variables based on which we count the monthly price for bookkeeping. However, you always have an in-depth overview of them thanks to our detailed price list, which we will send you along with our offer, and thanks to the monthly statement. The price for our services then develops every month along with the development of your business and accounting.

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Prices for tax and other services

We determine the price for putting together and filing tax returns and VAT control statements the same way we do it with bookkeeping, by individual items. For services such as consultancy, tax optimization or establishing and transforming companies, we charge an hourly rate. The price is then individual and based on how much time needs to be spent working on the given issue. If you would like to create a budget limit for our cooperation, it is no problem for us to agree on a fixed price beforehand.

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